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Aspire Netball Elite

Introducing our club partners, Aspire Elite Netball.

Their elite performance programme is intrinsically focussed on the development of an all round netball athlete:

"We have put together a programme that will develop your netball skills, test your fitness and improve your strength & conditioning to allow you to play your best netball.

Lead coaches are experienced with national netball teams in GB, England and Ireland.  We have one of the UK’s top and most respected coaches, Toni Minichiello endorsing our coaching plan and giving specialist coaching to our elite athletes.

In addition our athletes will have access to centres of excellence at a regional university and on-site specialised coaching.  Match-play is every athletes favourite part of any development programme and we will be travelling to matches competing with players within other elite programmes".

Click here read more about their mission, vision and values.

We caught up with the team court side, to dig into the tactics, experiences and tools of an elite netball academy.

YSN: When did you first hear of Youth Sport Nutrition?

Aspire Elite NetballI first heard of YSN from a friend whose son swims for a club that YSN had visited and promptly got in touch

YSN: What year was the team formed and why? 

Aspire Elite Netball: Aspire Elite Netball was formed last year to bridge the gap in our region of an elite performance program, we focus on all aspects of the development of an all round netball athlete.

Aspire Elite Netball

YSN: How do you cater for your sports nutrition at the club? What sort of meal plans/nutritional strategies did you implement?

Aspire Elite NetballWe cater for the sports nutrition education of our athletes In conjunction with the University experience days we offer, where they attend workshops with our University partners Sports nutritionists who educate our athletes and recommend nutritional and meal plan advice.

YSN: What tools, tactics or strategies does the team use to combat adversity? Any recommendations?

Aspire Elite NetballAlong with regular communication with our coaches and Head coach who regularly offer constructive dialogue throughout the program individualised toward our athletes, we also benefit from a wonderful life coach from Fluent Coaching, who as an ex professional sportsperson, gives hugely informative sessions on strategies and ways of thinking to deal with many situations including adversity.

YSN: How often do your squads train?

Aspire Elite NetballAt least once a week, we also offer frequent specialist sessions and gym sessions in addition.

 Aspire Elite Netball


YSN: What does it feel like to win competitions? Describe the emotion and senses involved during and afterwards.

Aspire Elite Netball: Winning isn’t everything – but the feel good factor of satisfaction and all the training and preparation coming together is one everyone should experience in life – it gives you a buzz to carry on working and achieving great goals.


YSN: What are the clubs greatest achievement to date?

Aspire Elite NetballWe recently travelled to Ireland and played their international U15/U17 and U19 squads and came away with wins against all of them – our squads were U16s competing above our age range against international squads as a fantastic achievement.

YSN: What are your future aspirations for the club?

Aspire Elite NetballWe are looking to develop further and our long term aim is to have an accreditation with England Netball.

YSN: What strategies does the team use to calm nerves and remain focused?

Aspire Elite NetballDuring our sessions with the life coach we use the Cheerleader and Gremlin techniques to calm nerves and focus.

YSN: What advice would you offer to parents of youth athletes regarding their training, the pressure to perform (academic and sporting) and catering for nutrition? How can parents best support their training objectives?

Aspire Elite NetballParents can best support the athletes by attending the workshops with the players and understanding the messages given out – having the opportunity to be involved in their development and chances to ask questions makes it a partnership which will result in the best for all.

YSN: Any tips for balancing training, academic studies, competitions/games and a social life? 

Aspire Elite Netball: Plan ahead – speak to all involved and let coaches know what’s happening in your life so they can help work around it for scheduling training sessions and agreeing together the correct balance.

YSN: What are your objective thoughts on Youth Sport Nutrition designing PRO-TEEN®, the first supplement for high level youth athletes to support their recovery post training/match?

Aspire Elite Netball: We think it is and excellent addition to offer our athletes for their post match/training recovery. It gives parents the peace of mind to know that the nutritional research has been done along with the assurance that the PRO-TEEN® has been certified by Informed Sport to ensure the shakes adhere to the strict anti-doping requirements for elite athletes.

YSN: What are your thoughts on using sports supplements, do they have a place in elite sport and how do you avoid compromising anti-doping regulations? What safe practices can parents or youth athletes take to ensure their safety and compliance?

Aspire Elite Netball: Sports supplements are an option in the elite sporting environment but they are not a ‘quick fix’. We have an anti-doping accredited advisor within our program so we do ensure that the athletes are educated regarding anti-doping regulations and again in addition, there are workshops the athletes attend with our University partners to ensure their safety and compliance.

Thanks Aspire Elite Netball #TeamYSN

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