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Over 1/2 million servings sold!

About us

The story of a food revolution

You've got to refuel right - to feel right.

Over 350,000+ shakes sold globally

Inspired by the dedicated parents, hardworking coaches and thousands of youth athletes we've met on the journey. Founded by a frustrated Sports Scientist, and his ever-growing team.

Our story

Working in the sports science & medicine department of a premier league football club, founders Lou and Ben noticed that it's common for young players to not eat enough to ensure that their heightened nutritional needs are being met.


At the time, there was no quick, convenient solution to help parents provision their athletes nutrition before, during or after sport.  McDonalds or vending machine snacks were the go-to. There was also a significant gap in education that wasnt being filled by clubs.


So, YSN was set up to develop a range of products and education platforms that ensured active children have everything they need to survive and thrive.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to eliminate youth athlete undernourishment, globally. We'll do this by encourage more active kids to live a healthier, happier life through the power of nutrition.

Founder + CEO Interview

How and why we developed the YSN range.

Collecting evidence

We listened to parents

Youth Sport Nutrition believe in a food first approach, but we understand that this may not always possible due to four main barriers:

Education - Lack of knowledge on why, what and when to eat.

Taste - Young people can be very fussy eaters.
Time - As a parent there is no goal nobler than helping your child chase their dream, but bills still need to be paid, and time is always running away.

Money - Eating the right food all the time can be expensive, especially if you find one or all of the above a struggle.

How it started:

The first batch of PRO-TEEN, run from our founders spare room in 2017 after 2 years of R&D.

How it's going:

With 350,000+ servings sold, YSN are now the global leader in youth athlete nutrition.

Education is Everything

As a large team of sports nuts ourselves, we understand what active kids need in order to prosper.

It's vital to us that we use every opportunity possible to educate athletes, parents and their support teams.

We achieve this by ensuring that we're leading the way in presenting key nutritional education across all of our platforms.

We have a food-first blog, meal prep app, 1-1 nutrition services, nutrition downloads and club workshops presented to teams worldwide.

Meal prep app


Changing the game

Over the course of 2 years, the YSN range was developed as an alternative to mass-market supplements, specially designed to meet the unique advanced nutritional demands and values of younger athletes competing in sport.

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