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Lockdown Nutrition - How to Improve Your Nutrition

3 simple steps to help every youth athlete eat, train and perform better!

Get Cooking

The best way to really learn something is by doing it. With more time spent in the house during lockdown, this is the perfect opportunity to work on your cooking skills to fuel your body with homemade meals. Not only is it great fun practicing your chef skills, but cooking your own meals means you know exactly what’s going into your body and when.

 Start off simple with helping parents or family members out while they prepare dinners. Get them to teach you cooking skills and learn as you go along. With a bit of practice, you’ll have all the skills you need to prep and cook your own meals to fuel your training sessions.

Social media such as Instagram and YouTube are full of great, easy to follow videos to teach you all the tips you need to know. Or why not check out the YSN Kitchen App available to download FREE on android and IOS which is filled with super simple and delicious meals perfect for young athletes to cook up.  

Improve Your Knowledge

We don’t mean you need a science lesson each day on all thing’s nutrition. But some nutrition knowledge is essential to all youth athletes. Take some time to learn the difference between a macro and a micronutrient and what vitamins and minerals play what role in the body. Once you’ve got a good understanding of all the different food groups you’ll be much better set to fuel winning performances.   

There’s 100’s of free blogs aimed especially at youth athletes on the forum section of our site that are ideal easy reads for youth athletes looking to learn.

Balance is Key

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is crucial to all athletes. Not just to ensure their bodies are fuelled for exercise, but more importantly to make sure they’re fit and healthy and their bodies are getting all they need to grow and develop. Don’t get bored eating the same meal day in, day out and risking deficiencies. Fill your plate with colourful foods and try and new meals as much as you can.

 And don’t forget to still eat the foods you enjoy the most too! Incorporating sweets, treats or takeaways into your diet is key to ensuring you enjoy mealtimes.

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