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Lockdown Nutrition - Alternative Shopping List


Not finding the foods you normally pick up?


We’ve put together a list of foods you easily can swap out


With restrictions on trips to the supermarket, limitations on what you can buy and people stock piling essentials, your weekly food shopping can suddenly seem a lot more challenging than normal and you might even struggle to pick up your usual go-to items. We’ve created an alternative shopping list to ensure youth athletes can still fuel their bodies and get all of the nutrients they need, even when the shopping aisles are lacking.


Fruit and Vegetables

If you’re struggling to find a good variety of fresh fruit and veg then head to the tinned or frozen section instead. These types of fruit and veg are frozen or tinned as soon as they’re picked, making them just as nutritious as fresh alternatives and with a much longer shelf life!


Got fresh fruit and veg in the house that’s about to go off? Add them into a soup or a smoothie for a delicious, quick and easy meal that’s packed full of vitamins and minerals.

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Getting enough protein in the diet doesn’t have to mean adding chicken or meat to every meal. Tinned fish like tuna and salmon are a great source of protein, as well as omega-3-fatty acids and will keep in the cupboards for weeks. Baked beans are another great protein source that can be cooked up in minutes straight from the tin.



If you’re struggling to find fresh milk, or would rather buy long-life, then why not think about swapping your regular milk for a plant-based alternative. Plant milks, like oat, almond or soy taste amazing in smoothies and are usually lower in fat than dairy milk. They’re also a great source of calcium and other vitamins and minerals essential to good health.


Lentils, Beans & Chickpeas

Pasta and rice are usually every athlete’s go-to when it comes to choosing carbs. If these are in short supply, then swap them out for legumes like lentils, beans, chickpeas or cous-cous. Use them as a swap in your favourite dish or add them as an extra to pack it out for a great source of complex carbohydrates, as well as plant-based proteins.


Nut Butters

Another source of protein and healthy fats, nut butters area great one to keep in the cupboard for making up Asian inspired dishes, or simply for snacking on.



Can’t find your usual sliced loaf? Pittas, wraps, bagels and crumpets are great sources of carbohydrates and are just as versatile as bread for making a meal.


These few simple swaps should make your shopping trip easier and still make nutrition a priority. Remember to shop responsibly and don’t buy more than you need for a week or two to ensure others don’t struggle to eat well.

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