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Over 1/2 million servings sold!

YSN Kitchen App



As part of our early journey, YSN used to go from club to club, providing free nutrition seminars to parents and youth athletes. The objective was to align with our mission to eliminate youth athlete undernourishment globally.

During a number of the courses, you told us that you needed more practical guidance and support when it came to food choices, so we went back to the drawing board. By working hand in hand with a Technology firm in England, we developed the first and only food app for parents, coaches and youth athletes. Enter YSN Kitchen!

YSN Kitchen is a professional cooking coach for parents and coaches of youth athletes, and there's new recipes added weekly.



Most recipes cost under £5 and take under 5 minutes to prepare! 

Get step by step instructions on how to cook wholesome meals tailored to every part of the training week. This includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and smoothie recipes.

Know what goes in! See the exact macro and micro nutrient breakdown for each recipe.

Be like your heroes! Upgrade to unlock actual the meal plans of professional athletes, created by top level sports nutritionists. 



Discover the YSN Kitchen App, now downloadable for free for a limited time only via iOS or Android using the App Store or Google Play Store today!

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If you have any trouble or suggestions with the app, please email Adam at so we can help!