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What is a supplement?
Dietary supplements are designed to support good health for people who don't get enough nutrients through their normal diet. This can be for reasons such as selective eating habits, lack of time / convenient options or due to following a strict diet.
Does my althlete need PRO-TEEN Powder?
Does your athlete struggle to get the right foods in on a typical training day due to selective eating, lack of time or quality food-based alternatives?
What if my child doesn’t like the taste?
We work hard to ensure that our PRO-TEEN range is developed to suit the most fussy of eaters, constantly refining our tastes to be the best in the world. Originally modeled on McDonalds milkshake flavour choices, PRO-TEEN Powder is made with all-natural flavors, including:
When should I use PRO-TEEN Powder?
PRO-TEEN Powder is best mixed and drunk after training when whole foods aren't available, for added convenience or to avoid skipping meals. One serving could also be used as a meal replacement on rest days due to its rich nutritional content.
How do I Use PRO-TEEN Powder?
Simple, you just take one relative size scoop and mix it with ice cold water, milk or liquid alternative (such as oat or coconut milk) on the go after training. PRO-TEEN Powder can also be added to your kids favorite smoothie blend, to add extra protein, carbs and healthy fats.
What ages can use PRO-TEEN Powder?

Children Under 4 PRO-TEEN is not suitable for babies or infants below or during weaning age. Parents of children under 4 years old should consult their doctor or relevant health care professional before allowing their child to consume PRO-TEEN. 4- to 6-Year-Olds.

We always advocate a food first approach for younger participants. The aim here being to set nutritional foundations for life, but we understand selective eating can sometime be an issue. If necessary, Children of 4 to 6 years of age may include up to ¼ of a scoop (about 12.5g) PRO-TEEN per day.

This is around one quarter of their daily nutrient requirements and can be a great recovery snack to ensure your child is getting a range of vitamins and minerals in after sport. Always consult a qualified medical practitioner first if you are unsure about introducing PRO-TEEN into their diet.

7- to 10-Year-Olds 7- to 10-year-olds can enjoy ½ a scoop (about 25g) of PRO-TEEN per day, which would help them meet their daily nutrition needs to counter selective eating habits. PRO-TEEN is ideal for fussy kids who won’t eat enough fruit and veg to support high levels of participation in sport. Again, athletes within this age group should be encouraged to meet their daily recommended intake via whole foods first. 11- to 13-Year-Olds Young adolescents can include around ¾ of 1 scoop (about 37.5g) of PRO-TEEN a day. At this growth spurt age, energy requirements are high, especially in active athletic kids; PRO-TEEN provides a good contribution of protein, energy and vitamins for this age group.

13- to 18+-Year-Olds Older adolescents have, in most cases, nutritional requirements greater than those of adults due to the fact that they’re growing, they’re often as physically active as professional athletes and have to balance this against studying at school or college. This age group can enjoy 1 full scoop of PRO-TEEN (50g) freely as part of a balanced, varied diet after intense sport or on low activity days. Please note: As upper safe limits for vitamins and minerals in children haven’t been evaluated, we suggest youth athletes consume PRO-TEEN up to around the recommended requirement levels for their age which is a maximum of 1 scoop per day after intense exercise or as a meal replacement on low activity days. The above gives you a guide as to how much PRO-TEEN a youth athlete can include as part of a varied diet, whilst encouraging them to eat good wholesome foods every day.

If your teen has health issues, we recommend you consult your doctor or relevant clinical professional before allowing them to consume PRO-TEEN.

Please note that any values are presented as guidelines only, and that is important that youth athletes do not exceed the stated daily recommended amounts. You can read more via the below link.

How do I apply to become a brand ambassador?
Both parents and athletes can apply by following the below link: